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Today’s Social Media Framing

Today’s Social Media Framing – Human beings are the masterpiece of God as they are the social beings  having the ability to express their thoughts through words, scripts, texts, and pictures. The social media evolved with the creation itself. Only thing is that it is transforming into  streamlined and well structured with more options to get socialised. Social Media have influence in the personal relationship to corporate relationship. We have growth charts for baby growth tracking and queries, lingokids for kids games, GetMyUni for education related queries, LinkedIn for employment and what not. Today from the birth of child social media plays a vital role.

Today’s Social Media Framing


Social Media in Relationship:

With Social Media anyone who wants to establish a relationship with their kith and kin. Now voice calls and video calls is made possible to anyone anywhere in the earth or space. Social media is just there to help you out to find the old and lost friends and to establish the bond again.

Social Media in Education:

Social Media made the information available free and easy. Students can find proper institutes to carry their educational pursuits in social media.Students get more access and connections they would like to establish. Students can easily fetch a way out to bring their talents and interests and research work out to the world.

Social Media in Employment:

Many sites like LinkedIn is very much useful for the youngsters to find a suitable job. There are many apps to showcase their potential and attract the employers. Job seekers can easily get the information about a company with the salary being paid, the work culture and nature. Another wonderful door opened up by the social media it’s very easy to make friends from the company he wishes to get employed in a formal manner or informal manner


Social Media in Marketing:

Branding is of great importance in today’s world. A company or product exists as long as they manage to establish a brand name of theirs.  Social Media helps to bring a brand visible Social Media helps to identify potential customers, build and maintain a relationship with them, understand their needs and interests, improve customer service and customer satisfaction etc.Social Media Marketing is an effective and profitable marketing for all online and offline marketing.

Social Media in Politics:

Social Media is an echoing arcade for all the voices to practice freedom of speech. Social Media has the power to change any political decision. For the bright future of any country, educated and potential youngsters should step in. Social media made it feasible to connect youngsters and make them aware of social issues and made them to step out to address the issue. The famous “JALLIKATTU” is made possible by act of youngsters and it happened with the help of social media.

Social Media in Crime Investigation:

Cyber crimes on threat due to social media, yet a lot of safety apps are too provided to avoid any crime. Social media is used to investigate crimes as many apps which we use regularly keep track on our current locations and is easy to identify the location in case of missing. Crowdsourcing is another good virtue through  the social media which helps to catch the criminal with the gathering of crowds in the particular location.


Social media is looming and blooming in all sectors from education to business. Though there are some bans, Social media is a largely a boon to user and service provider.  Educational Apps like College Dunia, GetMyUni provide the details necessary for students to find out their paths to fulfill goals. Social media serves as the major marketing strategy of any MNC or startups. Social Media had made its own stand on this earth and its inevitable.

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